Asset Allocation

Discover asset allocation and learn how to invest.

Learning how to invest can be a daunting process. The sheer number of decisions to be made can overwhelm even the most astute individual. Should you invest in stocks, bonds, or perhaps commodities and other asset classes are questions that have to be answered. Even before deciding what asset classes you want to own you have to understand what these asset classes represent. Fortunately, learning how to invest is not that difficult. In fact, investing in the most efficient and logical way possible is rather easy. – “Asset Allocation Investing” - is an investment guide designed to teach asset allocation. We offer investment education opportunities for all levels of investors. Learning how to invest and designing a perfect asset allocation for your unique situation has never been easier.

Investment Guides

Our no-nonsense investment guides are designed to help investors of any experience level get started on the right track. New investors will find general investment information while experienced investors can exam the finer details of asset allocation. Regardless of an investors experience level our investment guides will help investors learn how to invest more efficiently and effectively.

Investing Resources

Explore the various indexes and their unique characteristics. Find the historical returns on the various domestic stock indexes, international stock indexes, and bond indexes. Download our index correlation matrix and learn how to invest in the various indexes to maximize your allocations potential. Browse brokerage reviews and find a broker that will most likely meet your specific needs.

Asset Allocation Models

Asset allocation models give investors sample asset allocations to base their portfolios on. Browse allocation models that are popular and obtain ideas for your own portfolio. The asset allocation models contain return statistics backtested from 1972.

Financial Tools

Financial tools to help investors design and manage an asset allocation.

Asset Allocation Backtesting – Design asset allocation models and see how they performed in the past with complete statistical data.

Risk Reward Chart – Combine different indexes and allocation models and see how their unique characteristics affect an overall portfolio.

Rolling Return Calculator – Index rolling returns for any year group between 1972 – 2007.